General Terms & Conditions

(See below for our returns policy, what to do with Damaged, Defective or Faulty goods and ICOtec warranties)

  • All calls are individually packaged and ready for sale
  • The electronic calls are not supplied with batteries. The remote requires 2 x MN21 batteries 4 x AA batteries are required in the body.
  • Electronic callers carry a 12 month warranty to your customer from the customer’s date of purchase. Please ask your customers to register their electronic caller on the Best Fox Call website.
  • Prices on the website are ex VAT. VAT is added at the standard UK rate. Until agreed otherwise, European Trade Customers who are VAT registered in their own country will not be charged VAT, but must provide a VAT registration number
  • We do endeavour to keep all items in stock, but should we be out of stock when you wish to place an order you will be advised of delivery times which shouldn’t be longer than 2 weeks in most cases.
  • Payment is required before an order is despatched to you. On receipt of your order we will confirm delivery charges and raise and Invoice. Payment methods will be shown on the invoice.
  • We ask that you do NOT sell on eBay or Amazon any product supplied to you by Best Fox Call.
  • You advertise only RRP (Recommended Retail Prices) for our products. Of course we cannot enforce this criteria but we ask you to bear in mind that everyone loses out if we undercut each other on price just to sell product. And good customer service – it goes without saying – is always one of the best ways to beat your competition. Of course if you want to do a ‘deal’ when someone comes into your shop to buy that is entirely up to you.
  • Returns Policy

    We hope your customers will be fully satisfied with any BestFoxCall product they have purchased from you. But in the unlikely event there is a problem and your customer returns the product to you then please refer to appropriate section below.

    Mouth Call Returns

  • We will only refund/exchange Best Fox Call Mouth Calls in unopened packages as opened packages imply the mouth caller has been used and cannot be resold for health purposes. Therefore we will NOT refund or exchange on Best Fox Caller returns if they have been used or the package opened.We will NOT refund the returns postage
  • You will be responsible for the charges incurred in returning an item to us unless we agree to reimburse you elsewhere in these terms.
  • Where applicable we will issue a refund or replacement, whichever you prefer. This will be done as soon as possible after the Returned goods have been received by Best Fox Call and processed to ensure a refund or replacement is required. A refund or replacement will not be issued until we have received the goods back in their original or delivered state.
  • If in doubt, contact us via email:
  • Damaged, Defective or Faulty goods

  • If you are experiencing problems with any product from BestFoxCall, in the first instance please see our TROUBLESHOOTING page.
  • If that doesn’t help, please contact Rob by email giving as much detail as possible as to what is not working. You can email Rob at
  • Please do NOT return the item until you have contacted Rob as often the problem can be fixed by yourselves
  • Any product supplied to you for you to sell to your customers must be used for its intended purpose and not be subject to abuse or unreasonable usage. Damage to goods in postage can be claimed from the carrier’s insurance.
  • Best Fox Call will repair any product that has failed in normal usage as long as the product has been used as intended and does not, on examination, display any signs of misuse.
  • If BestFoxCall is unable to repair a product we will replace it, but only if the product has a manufacturer’s fault and was bought by your customer within the previous year.
  • If BestFoxCall can fix the problem with the product, we will not issue a replacement, so please do not give your customer a replacement unless you are happy to bear this cost yourself.

    ICOtec warranty

    Your ICOtec products are warranted to be free of material defects and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. In the event of a defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product, provided that you return the product postage prepaid. This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, improper handling, installation or maintenance provided by someone other than an authorised service contractor. Any return made under this warranty must be accompanied by the items listed below:
    a. Name and Address
    b. An explanation of the defect
    c. Proof of purchase with date of purchase
    d. Product should be well packed in a sturdy shipping carton and sent, subject to the criteria listed under the Returns Policy (see above), to the address below:

  • The returned item is your responsibility until it reaches us. You should return any product to us via Royal Mail to the address provided with suitable insurance based on the value of the product. This means that the full value may be recovered by you if the product is lost or damaged. You should retain any receipt confirming the return. If returned products are lost we will not accept liability for them.
  • If BestFoxCall can fix the problem with the product, we will not issue a replacement, so please do not give your customer a replacement unless you are happy to bear this cost yourself.